Sexual behavior in the human male

The world is not to be divided into sheep and goats. Among the males who remain unmarried until the age of 35, almost exactly 50 per cent have homosexual experience between the beginning of adolescence and that age. They employed first hand interviews to gather this data. Photo of Alfred C. These figures are, of course, considerably higher than any which have previously sexual behavior in the human male estimated.

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The histories which have been available in the present study make it apparent that the heterosexuality or homosexuality of many individuals is not an all-or-none proposition. Over a period of several years we were repeatedly assailed with doubts as to whether we were getting a fair cross section of the total population or whether a selection of cases was biasing the results. The living world is a continuum in each and every one of its aspects. Pomeroyand Clyde E.

Sexual behavior in the human male
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Sexual Behavior in the Human Male

This volume is based upon histories of approximately 5, males which were collected during a fifteen year period. It is generally thought that these qualities make a homosexual person obvious and recognizable to any one who has a sufficient understanding of such matters. Customer Reviews Comments There are currently no reviews Write a review on this title. Bloomington, IN iuporder indiana.

Sexual behavior in the human male
Sexual behavior in the human male
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Sexual behavior in the human male

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